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Petkit Comb and Massager
Petkit Comb and Massager
Petkit Comb and Massager
Petkit Comb and Massager

Petkit Comb and Massager



NO SCRATCHING & ENJOYABLE: with ultra-soft and skin-friendly silicone bristles, PETKIT cat grooming comb not only remove loose hair, but also promote blood circulation effectively, even your cat’s skin is sensitive. Enjoyable grooming will establish strong bonds between you and your four-legged friend!

EFFICIENTLY REMOVE PETS LOOSE HAIR: PETKIT cat grooming brush can remove up to 90% shedding hair from your cat within few minutes. And better to dip some water for adhering more hairs. No more flying shedding hairs

A SHAMPOO BRUSH FOR THOROUGH CLEANING: when bathing, the pet bath brush can give your pet a thoroughly cleaning by bringing shampoo to the surface of your cat’s skin and nourish his or her hair. The soft silicone teeth will not hurt your pet’s skin can give your pet a comfortable massage and let them enjoy grooming and bathing

DEEP & EASY CLEANING THE BRUSH: Different from other brushes, the hair can be easily removed even the comb is wet. You can remove the hairball conveniently from the edge of the comb. The quickly dry feature can inhibit the attachment of bacteria efficiently

A DURABLE DESHEDDING TOOL FOR SHORT HAIRS: Made with unibody mound, no worry about broken bristles. FASHOIN PETKIT dog cat bristle brush is a MUST-HAVE pet hair remover! Size: 79mm*79mm*36mm

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